Pure Turf

at Pure Athletex


Pure Turf has 2 separate areas dedicated for multi-sport usage

Turf 1
Offers several options for use:
- open turf 60' x 40', 2400 square feet for multi purpose sport
- ceiling height 10.5'
- fully padded
- room to be utlized for agility, field instruction, glove work, etc.
RATE - $75/HR

Turf 2
Offers several options for use:
- (2) 77ft Rectractable Batting Cages (can be split into 3 cages)
- (1) 70 ft pitching lane with professional mound
- Full open Turf 82' x 40' (3280 sq ft) multi purpuse sport area
- 20 ft ceiling height, 18ft hight inside perimeter net

RATE - $120/HR




- Hitting and Pitching membership. Includes unlimited time as long as turf is open. $75/mo

- Access to the gym with a gym membership. Special rate offered to Pure Turf members

- Access to Locker Rooms


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