Adult Tennis Schedule

at Pennsylvania Tennis Academy

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Interested in signing up for clinic?  Email Kathy Radick for more information!  Space is limited.
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This clinic is created around our USTA 3.5+ rated players.  during this clinic, we work on doubles strategies (specifically positioning), serve targets, and partner skills using live-ball drills and live-play situations. 

This clinic is a beginner to intermediate beginner clinic that requires players to have some knowledge on how to hit groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.  This is a great option for players looking to fine tune their strokes and prepare them for more advanced clinics.

Thursday's clinic is  all drills!

This clinic is for players from high-level beginners to high-level intermediate. 
It is a coach-fed drill clinic with lots of touches on the ball and specific shot development.

Fridays are for cardio - Cardio Tennis!

Perfect for anyone from beginners to high-level players, this fun and high energy clinic is filled with lots of fun drills, games, and touches on an orange transition ball.
If you like fun tennis, upbeat music, and lots of moving, this is the clinic for you!

Saturday's clinics are designed to assist our USTA 3.0 up through 4.5 players to become more consistent and knowledgeable on court.

We work with live-ball drills as well as doubles and singles strategy during matchplay.

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