The Pure Approach

We make dreams come true through sports!

Putting Your Athlete First

Our focus is not only your child as an athlete, but as a person.  We build on our core values - FAMILY, TRUST, DEDICATION, CREATIVITY, and IMPACT - to develop your athletes both physically and mentally.  At Pure Athletex, we make dreams come true through sports!

Who We Are

Since the Sorbos took ownership in 2016, the building has undergone some exciting transformations!  No longer just a fitness center or just a tennis academy, Pure Athletex and the companies within are on their way to becoming a full-service athlete development center will fully integrated and synergistic in-house services.  

Our team of trustworthy coaches look forward to working with your athlete(s)!


How We're Different

At Pure Athletex | Athlete Development Center, we develop athletes for both high-level and recreational competition. 

We appreciate thaour athlete is more than just a number, more than their wins or losses.  We recognize and prioritize each athlete's unique design and goals and welcome the opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact in their lives.

Our team looks forward to assisting you on your athletic journey and helping to make your dreams come true through sports.

Learn more about Pure Athletex, our athlete development programs, or our facilities today!