Junior Tennis Programs

at Pennsylvania Tennis Academy

From beginners to high performance tournament players, our junior tennis program works with athletes ages 6 - 18 years old to make their dreams come true through sports!

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*Please note: advanced-level clinics are coach-placed and may require an evaluation to be placed.

Aces is an introductory tennis clinic for ages 6 - 12 years old in PTA's developmental program.

Beginning with our introductory Red Ball 1 class, students will become acquainted with the strokes and skills necessary to begin to rally.  As students age and progress in their abilities, they move up through Red Ball 2, Orange Ball 1, Orange Ball 2, and then finally to Davis Prep before graduating into the next level.

This program lays a solid technical and tactical foundation for each student while utilizing game play, technical drills, and athletic skill development activities to bring the best out of each athlete.  Aces also utilizes the correct size court & ball type specified by the USTA to help each student experience success and develop correct habits at an accelerated pace.

Please email  karley@patennisacademy.com with any questions!

Intended for athletes 13 and older, Teens clinic offers basic tennis development skills for teenagers getting their start in tennis.  Athletes will work on groundstrokes, serves, volleys, and footwork.  Teens is designed to build a love in your teens for the game of tennis while helping them become better players.

Athletes in Teens will advance according to their skill and technical development.

Please email  karley@patennisacademy.com with any questions!

Davis Cup is a transition-ball clinic where players begin to sharpen their 5 basic strokes.  Here, players typically transition from playing orange ball from the 60-foot line to green ball full-court play.  Players will also learn how to properly start, build, and complete points utilizing these strokes.  Advanced footwork and court awareness will also become a bigger focus at this level.
Please note: players need to already know the 5 basic strokes and be able to hold a rally to participate in this clinic.

Please email  karley@patennisacademy.com with any questions!

Challenge Cup is designed for players looking to build upon their current skills and take their game to the next level.  Here, players will focus on pattern building, more advanced techniques, and developing their footwork to give themselves an edge over their competitors.  This clinc is geared toward those looking to play on or are already playing on their high school team.  An intermediate level of competency is required.

Please email  karley@patennisacademy.com with any questions!

Tournament Elite is a specially formulated clinic designed to prepare your tennis player for the highest level of competition for each individual athlete.  Our track record speaks for itself - we've developed hundreds of state, section, and national champions!  

Our goal in Tournament Elite is to have a strong focus on individual junior tennis player development by taking a personal approach to meeting each players training and fitness needs.  Each student in Tournament Elite is selected by our team of coaches.  We expect all Tournament Elite students to be highly committed each week to training both on-court and off-court.  There is a list of requirements that each player must meet in order to participate in this group.  

Please email  karley@patennisacademy.com with any questions!

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