From the Owners


For us, it all starts with family.

Our vision has always been to build the best team of coaches, align their talents, and develop athletes for high level competition.  In doing so, we’ve built a second family.

The Pure Athletex family is dedicated to the growth of athletes both on and off the field.  No two athletes are the same, so having a creative approach to coaching is necessary to ensure we remain consistent with each athlete’s unique design. Embodying these three core values - trust, dedication, and creativity - provides us with the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact.

We believe the value of our athletes goes beyond their performance.  Our great purpose is to support your athletic journey, no matter which direction it takes you. Whatever your dreams are, we can help you reach them through sports. 

From our family to yours, 
David, Kelly, Lilia, and Emilia Sorbo

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